decision [Qbox Gallery] @ Remap3

Dark space - Bright space. Present and potential future under a collective awareness of isolation and impasse. Especially after the undisguised authoritarian cruelty at all levels. Is the exit to a new reality, a matter of decision?

The installation is inspired by the ongoing demonstrations in Athens against the austerity measures and the economic crisis. In the dark space, the sound projected captures the collective rage and unger from peoples' demonstrations allong with an unprecedented violence by the state authorities. In the bright space, there is silence. Sound is embracing silence. Rests of silence are signifying the sound events. A pendulum disarms the senses. The sollution is "suspended" or it is offered to us if we focus on the unending movement which, determines the perspective.

photo: Eleni Panouklia 2011

Installation overview

Information about the pendulum construction:

I constructed an electromagnetic pendulum based on a coil. An impulse is sent to a micro relay which charges the coil with 5V. When the coil is creating an electromagnetic field around itself, the magnet of the pendulum starts moving. The interaction is achieved by sending the impulse when the sound of the dark space stops. Therefore, when the demonstration sound is projected in the dark side of the installation, the pendulum is idle.